A description of the article of the ghost cats ninth life by wendy williams

The entire feature is an interesting read in itself, but more to the point, it includes a short sidebar about Wendy, who appeared occasionally on the program over the course of 15 years: Developed a dislike of Paul Merton, for reasons unknown. While it's nice to see Wendy still showing up in the newspapers now and then, it's tempered with sadness in the realization that, with the passing of Frank Thornton a few years ago, the entire cast shown here belong now to the ages. It includes some rather sad synopses of the careers of each of the other cast members who preceded him.

A description of the article of the ghost cats ninth life by wendy williams

Do you want to know more about her life and her book? Click on the link to The Guardian article below, at the bottom of my review.

This is a book about how it is to have Alzheimer's. The author is a remarkable woman--a strong woman with character and guts. She is a woman I highly admire. She has written this book with th ETA: She has written this book with the help of ghostwriter Anna Wharton.

The two together have created a book well worth reading. It is both informative and well written. The reader comes to understand how a person with Alzheimer's experiences the world around them. Due to its topic, I picked it up with trepidation.

It turned out to be a captivating and very satisfying read. The prose shifts from the informative and clear to being emotionally expressive or lyrical, depending upon where we are at that point in the book.

I am quite simply trying to say that the writing is exceptionally good. She is still struggling with the illness and remains living at home alone, not in a care center.

How she manages is carefully explained. This is important because otherwise it would be impossible to believe she would be capable of doing all that she does.

For example, a step by step description of what she must do when she travels is detailed. Both the difficulties she encounters and how she deals with each are described.

One comes to feel great empathy for her. Empathy and admiration too.

A description of the article of the ghost cats ninth life by wendy williams

Despite what she must deal with she is happy. She is fighting for her life, and because she is fighting for it she values it. She plans and thinks about death. She supports assisted suicide.

She considers how to best safeguard the needs of her two beloved daughters. They mean the world to her. Divorced many years ago, it is she that has raised them. Memories of Wendy's earlier life with her daughters are peppered throughout.

As Wendy becomes more and more confused these memories are a beautiful contrast to her everyday struggle. They serve as gems to be cherished. They add a beautiful touch to the book; they highlight the value of such memories. Such memories might be disregarded by a person without Alzheimer's. Their value, significance and beauty are magnified given the uncertainty of how long they will remain.

The inclusion of these memories demonstrates the attention that has been paid to fitting the different parts of the book together in an effective manner.

I was scared of reading this book. I did not pick it up with pleasure. I could not but help make comparisons between my father's behavior, what he experienced and how he coped with the illness in comparison to Wendy. I learned aspects of the illness that I was unaware of before.

Those with Alzheimer's have a heightened perception of sound. With this knowledge I can now better understand why my father acted as he did at family gatherings and in other situations.

The book does not detail how the illness is diagnosed. The book cannot be used as a means of determining if you have the illness yourself.Wendy Williams and her husband Kevin Hunter put on a united front as they arrived at LAX on Thursday.

Wendy donned a very loud yellow Versace robe, as she wore a . Can't remember the title of a book you read? Come search our archives and shelves. If you don’t find it there, post a description on our UNSOLVED message board and we can try to help each other out.


A description of the article of the ghost cats ninth life by wendy williams

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can't remember this book". The result is this book, where well-known high achievers in business, technology, politics, sport, the arts, spirituality, medicine etc, and survivors of great hardships, give life advice. Kylie Jenner's baby will need a lip kit, according to Wendy Williams..

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