An analysis of the success of 2002 spartan spectacular

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An analysis of the success of 2002 spartan spectacular

It was optimized solely for engagements against aircraft and had very limited capability against ballistic missiles. The PAC-3 missile is a new interceptor, featuring a Ka band active radar seeker, employing "hit-to-kill" interception in contrast to previous interceptors' method of exploding in the vicinity of the target, destroying it with shrapneland several other enhancements which dramatically increase its lethality against ballistic missiles.

The specific information for these different kinds of missiles are discussed in the " Variants " section. The first seven of these are in the larger PAC-2 configuration of a single missile per canister, of which four can be placed on a launcher.

PAC-3 missile canisters contain four missiles, so that sixteen rounds can be placed on a launcher. The missile canister serves as both the shipping and storage container and the launch tube.

Patriot missiles are referred to as "certified rounds" as they leave the factory, and additional maintenance is not necessary on the missile prior to it being launched. The PAC-2 missile is 5. Patriot missile design[ edit ] The PAC-2 family of missiles all have a fairly standard design, the only differences between the variants being certain internal components.

They consist of from front to rear the radomeguidance section, warhead section, propulsion section, and control actuator section. The radome is made of slip-cast fused silica approximately The radome provides an aerodynamic shape for the missile and microwave window and thermal protection for the RF seeker and electronic components.

The MDAGS consists of a modular midcourse package that performs all of the required guidance functions from launch through midcourse and a terminal guidance section. The TVM seeker is mounted on the guidance section, extending into the radome. The seeker consists of an antenna mounted on an inertial platform, antenna control electronics, a receiver, and a transmitter.

The Modular Midcourse Package MMPwhich is located in the forward portion of the warhead section, consists of the navigational electronics and a missile-borne computer that computes the guidance and autopilot algorithms and provides steering commands according to a resident computer program.

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The warhead section, just aft of the guidance section, contains the proximity fused warhead, safety-and-arming device, fuzing circuits and antennas, link antenna switching circuits, auxiliary electronics, inertial sensor assembly, and signal data converter. The propulsion section consists of the rocket motor, external heat shield, and two external conduits.

The rocket motor includes the case, nozzle assembly, propellant, liner and insulation, pyrogen igniter, and propulsion arming and firing unit. The casing of the motor is an integral structural element of the missile airframe. It contains a conventional, casebonded solid rocket propellant.

It receives commands from the missile autopilot and positions the fins. The missile fins steer and stabilize the missile in flight. A fin servo system positions the fins.

The fin servo system consists of hydraulic actuators and valves and an electrohydraulic power supply. The electrohydraulic power consists of a battery, motor pump, oil reservoir, gas pressure bottle, and accumulator. MIMA[ edit ] Patriot was first introduced with a single missile type: This was the initial "Standard" missile still known as "Standard" today.

In Patriot's early days, the system was used exclusively as an anti-aircraft weapon, with no capability against ballistic missiles. This was remedied during the late s when Patriot received its first major system overhaul with the introduction of the Patriot Advanced Capability missile and concurrent system upgrades.

An analysis of the success of 2002 spartan spectacular

The most significant aspects of this upgrade were changing the way the radar searched and the way the system defended its assets. Instead of searching low to the horizon, the top of the radar's search angle was lifted to near vertical 89 degrees from the previous angle of 25 degrees.

This was done as a counter to the steep parabolic trajectory of inbound ballistic missiles. The search beams of the radar were tightened, and while in "TBM search mode" the "flash", or the speed at which these beams were shot out, was increased significantly.

While this increased the radar's detection capability against the ballistic missile threat set, it decreased the system's effectiveness against traditional atmospheric targets, as it reduced the detection range of the radar as well as the number of "flashes" at the horizon.

Because of this, it was necessary to retain the search functions for traditional atmospheric threats in a separate search program, which could be easily toggled by the operator based on the expected threat. Additionally, the ballistic missile defense capability changed the way Patriot defended targets.

Instead of being used as a system to defend a significant area against enemy air attack, it was now used to defend much smaller "point" targets, which needed to lie within the system's TBM "footprint". The footprint is the area on the ground that Patriot can defend against inbound ballistic missiles.

During the s, Patriot was upgraded in relatively minor ways, mostly to its software.

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Most significant of these was a special upgrade to discriminate and intercept artillery rockets in the vein of the Multiple rocket launcherwhich was seen as a significant threat from North Korea.

This feature has not been used in combat and has since been deleted from U. Army Patriot systems, though it remains in South Korean systems.Archives and past articles from the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News, and The goal of the Space Studies Colloquium is to bring guest researchers from the astronautical and space science communities in both industry and academia to support space-related scholarship in the Department of Space Studies and at UND and other North Dakota institutions of higher education.

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