An introduction to the life of patsy ramsey

Up until then, my required holiday decorations consisted of one fresh poinsettia and one Christmas tree. As I trudged up the snowy path to a gingerbread-like house, I noticed a pretty black-haired lady walk up beside me.

An introduction to the life of patsy ramsey

Some important questions are answered in the following post, Misunderstandings, Misconceptions, Misdirections. After that feel free to browse whatever topics might interest you see blog archive.

If anyone has trouble posting a comment, email it to doktorgosh at live. Notice to readers of my Kindle book: I recently noticed that, on certain devices though not allthe Table of Contents begins with Chapter One and omits the Introduction and Preface.

Since the Introduction is especially important, I urge everyone to make sure to begin reading at the very beginning of the book, not the first chapter in the Table of Contents. Saturday, August 13, Right Hand vs.

An introduction to the life of patsy ramsey

Left Hand An anonymous commenter has called my attention to a very interesting interview regarding 1. According to the commenter, not only was Patsy ambidextrous, she wanted to hide that fact.

Which would explain why the left-hand sample she provided to the authorities was so messy looking. But before I continue, please forgive me but I feel the need to hold forth a bit on a topic that is very dear to me -- the vital difference between taking evidence at face value, and analyzing evidence critically, from the standpoint of both logic and common sense.

In the Ramsey case especially we see many examples of people reacting almost viscerally to certain pieces of evidence as though they were self-explanatory and required no further analysis.

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And since Patsy Ramsey has become the focus of the case for so many, much of this evidence has often been cited as "proof-positive" of her guilt.

The note was written on "her pad," using "her pen" -- wow, what does THAT tell you? The "garotte" was constructed from her paintbrush. Her fingerprints were found on the bowl of pineapple -- telling us she must have lied when she denied any knowledge of that.

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She wore the same outfit the next day, meaning she must have been up all night. If it were that simple she'd have been tried and convicted years ago.

Anyone in the house that night could have used that notepad, that pen and that paintbrush. Why would Patsy go out of her way to use her own things to point away from her involvement in the murder of her daughter? And for that matter, if she'd been up all night why would Patsy not want to change her clothes before greeting the police that morning?

Why would Patsy's fingerprints not be on a bowl from her own kitchen, an item she'd probably washed, dried and put away prior to the night of the crime?

We can't just look superficially at evidence, we need to understand why that evidence is there and think logically about what it might mean. Now, on to the question at hand. According to the first interviewee, Mr.

Walker, senior editor of the National Enquirer, Well, for a long time investigators have known that the note was probably written by somebody who's ambidextrous.

Some words or letters in the note are back slanted and others right slanted, so I've often thought that the writer sometimes used his right hand and sometimes his left, as part of an effort to disguise his hand.

But police have never been able to absolutely independently confirm that Patsy Ramsey was ambidextrous, so we decided because this case is so old and we're trying constantly to uncover new evidence, we went to witnesses everywhere, in Boulder, in Parkersburg, West Virginia, and we talked to She was as a child.

We went to Linda Hoffmann-Pugh, the housekeeper, and when we asked her this she said, oh yeah, she said, Patsy told me she was ambidextrous. I've seen her brush her hair with her left hand.

I've seen her paint with her left hand. I once saw her work on a science project with Burke, JonBenet's brother, where she wrote numbers and letters with her left hand.

She is absolutely ambidextrous. The question of whether John Ramsey might be ambidextrous never arises. I'll have more to say on that presently. Next we hear from the other intervieweee, handwriting "expert" Ted Widmer: Handwriting actually is a misnomer because if you lose a hand, for example, and have to write with the pen, for example, held in your mouth or between your cheek and your shoulder, your handwriting basically stays the same.

You really should call this brain-writing rather than handwriting. There have been many occasions where people have lost a hand, like say their dominant hand was their right hand and they then had to learn how to write with their left hand, and basically the handwriting looks virtually the same.

Now, according to the anonymous commenter I referred to above, Mr. Walker's report constitutes proof positive that Patsy was indeed ambidextrous. On the other hand, when we examine the left-hand sample Patsy provided to law enforcement, it looks as though she is really struggling to write with her "off" hand, and the result is very messy -- which is one reason the Enquirer saw it as an "exact match," since the ransom note is also messy.

As I've been able to demonstrate, her left hand sample is actually very different from the note, though on first glance it can look quite similar.What Is Burke Ramsey's Net Worth?

He's Led A Very Private Life. Part of that introduction includes delving into the family's general history. Apparently, at one point, the Ramseys were once.

especially John and Patsy Ramsey. It was obvious to me that they were involved but the only way that things truly added up were if Burke did the actual killing.

sister he said he was moving on with his life less than a month after the incident had taken place. Aug 13,  · Meaning that Patsy Ramsey's exemplars were pulled out of however many exemplars each handwriting expert had, thus elimimating any bias against Patsy Ramsey.

After this is known the statistical odds of Patsy Ramsey writing the note are almost astronomical. In contrast Patsy Ramsey related to the conversation with the police in the following way: " until we had spent time interviewing with the authorities." One can conclude that Patsy Ramsey perceived the conversation with the police as less threatening than John Ramsey.

John Ramsey says, “He referred to Patsy’s mother’s nickname: Neddie. And that was unusual that someone would know that.

I went to a book that we’d written about it. Patsy Ramsey’s chart shows Pluto (the planet that rules death and rebirth) exactly square to Jonbenet”s ascendant/descendant axis, which is significant not only in terms of its affect on.

The most bizarre things about the JonBenet Ramsey