Beyond the red notebook essays on paul auster

However, much has happened since it went up, including the Blogger outage. Scroll down for a report on that. More new posts will be added below this one. The essay below is the conclusion of the ninth part in a series by Takuan Seiyo.

Beyond the red notebook essays on paul auster

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The five course components are: These courses are taught and evaluated independently of each other, but are closely connected in respect to materials, methods and course content. Some activities overlap two or more of the components, but concentrate on different aspects of the language-learning process.

EAE is a "program," and not just a collection of separate courses. EAE A course targets low-to-mid intermediate level students and will introduce the fundamentals of the English level with a focus on academic English. For this reason, course content is carefully selected to build not only English proficiency and functional academic ability, but also a knowledge base that students will need to succeed in the undergraduate program.

Students will be placed into sections based on their proficiency levels at the beginning of the course. This intensive course will consist of 10 minute koma per week.

This is a homework intensive course, and students will be required to spend at least two hours on homework preparation and study for every scheduled class hour. The broad objectives of the course are twofold: EAE B course targets mid-to-high intermediate level students and will introduce the fundamentals of the English level with a focus on academic English.

Composition 1 offers students an introduction to university essay writing and also introduces Composition 2. Composition 1 gives students multiple and consistent opportunities to write? Academic writing is generally reading-based, or text-dependent, so Composition 1 requires a lot of reading.

Students will be instructed in reading strategies and given opportunities to develop their abilities to discuss what they read in small groups and write about what they read. Students will be required to complete a variety of writing assignments, including summaries of readings, autobiographical essays, personal response essays, and various types of multi-draft academic essays.

However, some of these writing tasks will be in common with Academic Reading Across Disciplines, which will be complementary to Composition 1. Students will be introduced to common academic genres that they will use throughout their academic careers: They will also be required to maintain writing portfolios of all their writing that will become part of their Writing Across the Curriculum portfolio.

During the course students may view films, read stories or novels and engage in cross-disciplinary studies and learning activities, which will also form the basis of discussion and writing assignments. The main objective of the course is to introduce the academic writing skills of paragraph organization, essay organization, effective and grammatical academic reports, summaries and personal responses to academic reading.

Composition 2 provides opportunities for the student to strengthen his or her academic writing skills through developing inquiry and research. Students investigate issues and questions that require serious inquiry through a variety of sources beyond those supplied by the instructor or the course textbook, e.

Composition 2 requires multiple-draft writing, the format of which may vary, e. It is possible that individual students might work at self-selected research projects for which they also choose their own readings.

Beyond the red notebook essays on paul auster

In the context of this course, the critical analysis of ideas i. Throughout the course, primary emphasis is given to formal inquiry.

A substantive amount of reading is required for each class meeting, which is necessary for in-class, small group discussions that occur in every class. Because reading plays an integral role in the course, students will spend the first few weeks developing their reading abilities and strategies through a variety of activities.


The aim of these activities is to foster greater speed and comprehension while reading academic texts for research purposes.

Each student will maintain a portfolio of all writing completed within the course. Academic Reading Across Disciplines provides instruction in reading strategies and practices requiring reading texts in a wide variety of academic fields, from social sciences to sciences to humanities.

Intensive reading will be addressed in the classroom with time devoted to small group discussion in addition to teacher-centered lessons.

An extensive reading program will also take place in and outside the classroom with students also spending time in the LAC on their required extensive reading projects. These include small-group discussion of the readings they select from the LAC materials or on their own, with approval from the instructor.

This course also requires a lot of writing:I. It seems fitting to begin a reflection on the late David Foster Wallace in a fit of anxiety about reception - about the propensity of words, sentences, personae, to falsify or to be misunderstood.

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