Cubas current problems and how they

September 26, at the U. Brian Baggins Online Version: Castro Internet Archive marxists.

Cubas current problems and how they

September 26, at the U. Brian Baggins Online Version: Castro Internet Archive marxists. Fidel Castro at the U. General Assembly, September Issued by the Embassy of Cuba, Colombo.

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President, Fellow Delegates Although it has been said of us that we speak at great length, you may rest assured that we shall endeavor to be brief and to put before you what we consider it our duty to say.

We shall also speak slowly in order to co-operate with the interpreters. Some people may think that we are very annoyed and upset by the treatment the Cuban delegation has received. This is not the case. We understand full well the reasons behind it.

That is why we are not irritated. Nor should anybody worry that Cuba will not continue to the effort of achieving a worldwide understanding. That being so, we shall speak openly.

It is extremely expensive to send a delegation to the United Nations.

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We, the underdeveloped countries, do not have many resources to spend, unless it is to speak openly at this meeting of representatives of almost every country in the world. The speakers who have preceded me on this rostrum have expressed their concern about problems the whole world is concerned about.

Cubas current problems and how they

We too are concerned about those problems and yet, in the case of Cuba, there is a very special circumstance, and it is that, at this moment, Cuba itself must be a concern for the world, because, as several delegates have rightly said here, among the many current problems of the world, there is the problem of Cuba.

In addition to the problems facing the world today, Cuba has problems of her own, problems which worry her people.

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Much has been said of the universal desire for peace, which is the desire of all peoples and, therefore, the desire of our people too, but the peace which the world wishes to preserve is the peace that we Cuban have been missing for quite some time. The dangers that other peoples of the world can regard as more or less remote are dangers and preoccupations that for us are very close.

It has not been easy to come to this Assembly to state the problems of Cuba. It has not been easy for us to come here.

I do not know whether we are privileged in this respect. Are we, the Cuban delegates, the representatives of the worst type of Government in the world?Three days later, police arrested Elaine Díaz, director of the independent news site Periodismo del Barrio and four of her colleagues when they traveled to Baracoa, eastern Cuba, to report on the.

Today there are many problems in Cuba such as its waning economy, its health care issues, even its pollution, but almost all of them stem from the U.S.

unwillingness to cooperate with the Cuban government, and ultimately, the U.S.'s goal to spread "freedom and liberty" to Cuba's "oppressive communist regime". The reason for many including myself, criticising the Castro family regime economic problems is that they are largely self inflicted and reflect gross incompetence.

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Cubas current problems and how they

However, they also urge the government to be more transparent in defining its monetary policy strategies and more effectively communicate them to the Cuban public. Mar 22,  · Here are some human rights issues that have been raised by both Cubans and international human rights groups: even when they have their own problems with the government.

Cubas Current Problems and How They Relate to America Words Jul 18th, 8 Pages Modern Cuba has been shaped by the U.S.'s abhorrence for the communist government.

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