Essay on a railway train journey

It was erected by Messrs. Cubitt, after the designs of Philip Hardwick, Esq. The proportions of this splendid erection are gigantic, and the portico may be considered the largest in Europe, if not in the world.

Essay on a railway train journey

A railway journey is always an interesting experience.

Essay on a railway train journey

I have travelled by train many times. Last Sunday, I went to Lucknow by train with my friends. We hired a scooter and reached the New Delhi Railway Station. There was a long queue before the ticket windows. The people were waiting for their turn to buy the tickets.

My friend brought the tickets. Then we went inside. After fifteen minutes the train came from the yard. Some people were sitting on the benches. They were wearing different types of clothes. The tea stall and book shop were attracting many passengers.

The coolies were moving here and there. As soon as the train reached the platform, the passengers threw luggage in the door and there was a lot of pulling and pushing.

Children, women and old people had to face great difficulty. There was a lot of noise. We took our seats in the compartment. Luckily, I got a good seat near window. The compartment was packed.

The guard blew the whistle and the train started. The people in the train waved their hands to say good-by to their relatives and friends on the platform that came to see them off. Many people were sitting on the floor and in the passage. Some people were standing near the gates.

The train at once caught speed.

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A cool wind was blowing. The people were busy talking or reading novels and magazines. I took out a story book. After sometime, I had a cup of hot tea. The tea was tasty and well prepared.

I could have a good look outside. The farmers were working in their fields.The Trans-Siberian Railway (TSR, Russian: Транссибирская магистраль, tr. Transsibirskaya magistral', IPA: [trənsʲsʲɪˈbʲirskəjə məgʲɪˈstralʲ]) is a network of railways connecting Moscow with the Russian Far East.

With a length of 9, kilometres (5, miles), it was the longest railway line in the world before the construction of the Yiwu–Madrid railway. "Slow Train" is a song by the British duo Flanders and Swann, written in July It laments the closure of railway stations and lines brought about by the Beeching .

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Train journey.

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In the life, almost people making the continuous journey. Sometimes the best route gives the best experience in the life, and sometimes it .

A railway station is a place where trains stop. Here people, who have to alight, get down the train and those who have to go, get into the . Take a Break. Take a Local Train Journey in Assam. A melodious Zikir crooned by a folk singer with visual impairment soothes the ear.

The tune played by him on the Dotara is equally relaxing.

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