Evoken antithesis of

After 25 years, you were there at the forefront of what would become known as "funeral doom". Thus far, pretty much every sub-genre of metal has had its time as part of "hipster chic", from grind to post-whatever to occult themed bands to retro-thrash. What do you think it is that has kept doom metal and funeral doom insulated from trends at the moment? First, thank you for supporting us and giving us the opportunity to do this interview.

Evoken antithesis of

I hate this phenomenon even when it affects albums I personally love to death, so I thought that today I might do a bit to dispel at least one case of this that particularly annoys me.

Antithesis of Light is, by popular opinion, the objectively darkest, heaviest and greatest metal album of all time, perfectly composed with every single element of its composition in an objectively flawless place.

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To which I say The entire sound is so dark and mysterious and the vocals -" "lol" "WHAT!? On Antithesis of Light, Evoken play a cavernous, echoing type of funeral doom that sort of rhythmically slithers around, like a steady current of an underground stream flowing through tenebrous caverns.

The sound in general is very, very layered: The bass notes and melodies spread out and lose definition the longer they echo throughout the music, like drops falling into a puddle and the ripples subsequently reverberating outwards. I really do love the bass guitar performance here, and the times when the guitars fade out of the music and let the twanging, isolated melodies dominate the music are probably those that come closest to capturing the idea of an "antithesis of light".

Aside from a couple of really oddly-placed blast beats early on in "In Solitary Ruin", the music plods around at typical funeral doom paces, varying from slow-to-mid-paced, almost upbeat momentous sections to slow, minimalistic crawling.

The vocals are pretty predictable as well, if not well-executed for the most part: The guitars typically play really simplistic droning chords on the lower strings, with occasional higher shrieks of lead guitars or soloing permeating the firmaments of the music.

Antithesis of Light fails in a couple of really important ways, the kind you generally think would have been noticed before the band decided to head into a recording studio with this album. The guitar riffs, for one. Holy tits, the riffs are boring. Meanwhile, every single move Antithesis of Light makes is horribly predictable: The band have no idea how to switch between two different riffs, particularly those with different tempos.

Considering how often Evoken shift from heavy guitars to slow, quiet bass passages, the carelessness of their compositions tends to border on disaster.

Evoken antithesis of

I think the best transitions for this type of funeral doom would be the kind that gradually slow down or speed up, and Evoken do utilize these on multiple occasions, but they obviously need to do so much more often to keep their riffs from sounding like sudden interruptions from the riffing equivalent of the Kool-Aid Man.

The resulting atmosphere is In its current state the album is little more than a jack-o-lantern left out on Halloween night - dark and evil, but only in the most familiar, obvious and predictable manner.Please don't hesitate to email us if you have any questions, suggestions or issues.

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Evoken antithesis of

If you were to ask a doom fan where the best funeral doom originates from, chances are that you’re not likely to hear the US, and rightfully so. New Jersey’s Evoken seek to change this fact with their latest release, Antithesis of Light.

Nov 08,  · Evoken - Atra Mors () This is easily the best album the band has released since 's Quietus (not counting the absolutely extraordinary ' Promo'). 'Antithesis of Light' was cool enough, but I wasn't terribly jazzed to hear the reworkings .

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