Georges decision to kill lennie essay

Icomment on Of Mice and Men was an awe inspiring book about a couple of men just trying to get by in the Great Depression. George and Lennie had known each other for a very long time and had grown to depend on each other. Throughout the book Lennie asked George to tell him about them, about how they were going to get a place and live together, they never got to do that, as life would have it, reality got in the way. The most controversial topic from this book was why George killed Lennie.

Georges decision to kill lennie essay

Of Mice and Men Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck, is a story which shows how weak the human trait of loyalty can be if put through the test of time.

It shows how people can turn on their family, best friend, and even their life-long companions if they are presented with the opportunity for advancement in life. This novel shows the reader the true animalistic nature of all humans through the use of highly developed characters as well a thoroughly developed story line.

Georges decision to kill lennie essay

Although his abundance of mental strength does not become apparent until later in the story, it is fairly obvious from the beginning that his physical strength is lacking. Without one another the two characters would have absolutely no chance at success, for what one is lacking the other has an ample amount of.

George and Lennie are the perfect example of how opposites attract.

Georges decision to kill lennie essay

The two of them have spent the majority of their adult lives together and know each other better than they know anybody else in the entire world. They share their hard times and the good, their victories and their defeats, but most importantly they share a common dream.

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When they arrive at the ranch where they will be working the first person that they meet is an older gentleman named Candy.

Candy has lived a long and hard life on the ranch and has nothing to show for it. During his time on the ranch he has lost his hand, grown old, and feels that he has become worthless.

When you think of candy you see children eating it while running around in the yard having a good time without a care in the world. This is the exact opposite of what the character in the novel is.

The restless demon of age has caught up with him and he is not able to move as fast as he once did; even his dog is unable to ward off the negative effects of time. I herded sheep with him.

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He appreciates all of the joy and loyalty that his once great dog has brought to him during his life and is ready to let his friend now live out the rest of his natural life.

Unfortunately that is not the way that some of the other people in the room see it. Carlson even offers to give him a new dog to replace the one that he is about to destroy.

The way that Candy sees it is that he is not hurting anyone and that there is no reason to have to end his life prematurely. Even though Candy loves his dog more than anything else in the world he chooses to let someone shoot his dog in the back of the head. After all that they had been through and all the years of loyal service that his supposed best friend had performed for Candy, when pressured into a decision, he chose to defy his loyal companion and make the decision on when he should die.

This leads one to wonder why he made the decision that he did. What drove Candy to defy the trust his loyal companion of years? Candy knew that his pet had limited time left in his life, and after he passed, who would Candy have to call a friend?

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He let Carlson kill his dog in hopes that the other workers would then give him the friendship and loyalty that his dog had provided him for years. If this happened, Candy would not have to spend the rest of his life alone and desolate in his old age; he would then have friends and people who he could talk to.

He had been lacking this for years and wanted to obtain it desperately, even if it meant betraying his oldest friend. George and Lennie have the same relationship that Candy and his dog have shared for so many years. George has given up his chance at a somewhat normal life to help Lennie live as full of a life as he is mentally capable of doing.Write an essay using plot developments in Of Mice and Men to clearly analyze how George’s decision to kill Lennie was an act of mercy killing and was the morally correct thing to do.

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Topic Five. George protects Lennie from many things; but is most remembered for protecting Lennie from being killed painfully by Curley. Candy’s regret that he didn’t kill his dog himself, foreshadows George’s decision to shoot Lennie before Curley gets to him first.

George knows that the workers from the ranch will kill Lennie when they find him and gives only a half-hearted effort to try to persuade them from pursuing this act of destruction and murder. As the story closes, George, in a somewhat noble act of kindness, makes the effort to find Lennie before any of the workers from the ranch can.

In the novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, George’s decision to kill Lennie may be considered the most prudent. One of the reasons that leads George to kill Lennie is their brother-like connection. In the novella, Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, one of the leading characters, George Milton, faces series of decisions where life could change drastically based on his choices.

His most difficult decision in the novel is killing his best friend, Lennie. Home > GCSE > English Literature > Of mice and men. Of mice and men. / 5.

English Literature foreshadowing Georges decision to take responsibility for Lennie’s death and so to speak, put him out of his misery when the other men go to town on a Saturday night, and when they go to kill Lennie; At the end he’s left behind with.

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