I believe in optimism essay

Cer- tainly most of us regard happiness as the proper end of all earthly en- terprise.

I believe in optimism essay

I believe in optimism essay

Fundamentals[ edit ] What hinders a person to be happy at a deep level, primarily are his inner tensions. They rob him his power, they destroy his well-being, they damage his inner peace and they reduce his mental positivity. A person with many inner conflicts tends to have negative thoughts.

The love to himself and to his fellow man is blocked. The internal stresses are often created already in the childhood.

In a tensed society, which is based on work pressure and rivalry, tension is passed down from parents in the upbringing of their children.

The parents live out their fears, aggression and addictions and thus influence the psychological development of their children. Many children's tensions are also came from the capitalistic TV. It focuses on fears, aggressions and addictions to get many viewers, and therefore destroys the happiness in the children.

Tenseness in a person can also be caused by big stress events or by a permanent stress at school, at work or in partnership. If internal stresses can be built up, they also in principle can be broken down again.

The latest on the science of happiness

That's the good news for all tensed people. The not so good news is that this may take quite a long time. The structure of the tension is built up over many years. We need, therefore, usually many years to reduce the tension again. But the effort is always worthwhile. We thus avoid many diseases in old age.

And we get a happy life filled with peace, power and positivity. A wise life is to make every day so many spiritual exercises, that the internal tensions become always less. We have to live in a way that we grow into the light and not into the darkness. Most people in today's time march in the wrong direction.

They live selfishly and stressed. They build up in the course of life more and more tensions. They end up in the burn-out, in sickness, negativity and depression. Tensions can sit in the body and in the spirit. Basically the two are linked.

Thus we free ourselves from our internal tensions, if we do spiritual exercises for both areas. Inner happiness comes at a deep level only when the body and the mind are purified from the tension.

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People are different from their personalities and have different tensions. Everyone should therefore find the exercises that are suited best for him. He should develop the practice of happiness that leads him at the best to his goal. There is now extensive research suggesting that religious people are happier and less stressed.

There are a number of mechanisms through which religion may make a person happier, including social contact and support that result from religious pursuits, the mental activity that comes with optimism and volunteering, learned coping strategies that enhance one's ability to deal with stress, and psychological factors such as "reason for being.

The spiritual centering consists of the personal philosophy of life. A spiritual centering should include the five principles of love, peace, truth, strength and joy.

If we live with wisdom according to these five principles, we grow into happiness, into enlightenment, into a life in the light in God, in fulfillment.Optimism usually is viewed as a desirable attribute, but many believe it is really only helpful if it is realistic.


I believe in optimism essay

Martin Seligman, former president of the American Psychological Association. Optimism is a philosophy and a way of life.


Optimists believe that the world is generally a positive place to be in. In the view of an optimist, people and things are good. Many liberal optimists do not believe . Unrealistic optimism: still a neglected trait Marta P. Coelho* London School of Economics and Political Science ABSTRACT: Unrealistic optimism is all around us, and it is a well documented or to report what they believe the researcher expects from them, may influence the findings.

2 See (Cooper, Woo, & Dunkelberg, ) for a. Essay I believe in the Dave Matthew’s quote, “if you give you begin to live”.

Optimism, Procrastination, and Being Late

Taken from their song You Might Die Trying, this line can be interpreted in a variety of ways. Jan 31,  · Best Answer: To me optimism is: no matter how bad things get, I always look for the best possible outcome and expect to achieve it.

Optimism has been shown to be correlated with better immune systems in healthy people who have been subjected to stress.

Below is an article about the health-benefits of optimism that could be ashio-midori.com: Resolved. “Believe in Your Heart Believe in your heart that you're meant to live a life full of passion, purpose, magic and miracles.” ― Roy T.

Bennett, The Light in the Heart.

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