Parental neglect is not the cause of moral decline among youths

There is general agreement that behavior, including antisocial and delinquent behavior, is the result of a complex interplay of individual biological and genetic factors and environmental factors, starting during fetal development and continuing throughout life Bock and Goode, Clearly, genes affect biological development, but there is no biological development without environmental input.

Parental neglect is not the cause of moral decline among youths

Psychologist Kasandra Putranto has warned that parental guidance is critical to helping teenagers avoid suicidal tendencies. She had been sharing her personal problems on her Facebook account, including problems with her boyfriend who, she suspected, was cheating on her, before she committed suicide.

Kompas Psychologists have warned that a lack of attention from parents will lead to a greater chance of teenagers suffering from depression. With poor guidance, teenagers also tend to misuse social media, which could eventually lead them to have a higher tendency to suffer psychological disorders, with more risk of committing suicide.

As a result, she said, many teenagers these days did not have the resilience to shield themselves from losing their identities. As they lost their individual qualities and moral values, teenagers tended to get melancholic and used social media to channel their feelings.

Parental neglect is not the cause of moral decline among youths

She cited a recent case in which a year-old girl pimped underage girls through social networking site Facebook. The psychologist said the crime was not only an example of the misuse of social media but also showed a psychological disorder stemming from a degradation of moral values. Mayang an 11th grade student at state senior high school SMA 7 Pontianak, West Kalimantan, was found dead in her room last Monday morning, apparently as a result of suicide.

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It was later revealed that Mayang posted a series of depressed status updates on her Facebook account before she committed suicide. On her Facebook account, Mayang shared problems she was facing, including with her boyfriend who, she suspected, was cheating on her. She further said teenagers needed to be monitored, especially during their transformation phase to becoming adults.

Similarly, Anna Surti Ariani, a children and family psychologist, said schools needed to change their approach by engaging students to cooperate with each other since the current ranking system was heavy on competition, in which students are compared with each other.

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Anna said such a system would lead students to suffer depression, increasing suicidal risks among them. In some cases, kids who have been bullied commit suicide because they feel lost," Anna told thejakartapost.

The psychologist further explained that if parents were able to build strong attachments and bonds with their children, the risks of children adopting negative behavior and misusing social media would be reduced as children would think twice about their parents because they cared for them.

Parents should also monitor the use of gadgets, Anna said, as nowadays there were fewer and fewer people, including teenagers, who had friends in real life because they were busy talking with people through social media. In the long run, this would result in the inability of people to talk face-to-face with others.From that, definition of moral decay relevant to this research can be identified as perish of the moral values or fading of the righteous deeds or moral decline.

Statistics. Moral decay can obviously be perceived in this era. Studies of the consequences of child abuse and neglect that appear in adolescence have generally not differentiated between consequences that are derived from earlier childhood experiences with maltreatment and consequences that are unique to adolescent experiences with abuse and neglect.

Monitoring fills the child's need for parental attention, moral education, and correction.

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Parental Abuse or Neglect. Among these youths, physically or sexually abused boys commit the most.

What Are The Main Causes Of Teenage Fatigue? Health. Unhealthy and Improper diet usually makes teenagers internal system a bit weak than healthier person. What Are The Effects Of Indiscipline Among The Youth?

Social Problems. Effects of indiscipline among the youth What Is The Definition Of Moral Decadence?

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References & Definitions. Moral Decadence is a decline or corrosion. FACTORS OF MORAL DECLINE AMONG MALAYSIAN YOUTH I. Introduction Moral is not only attitude but covering all the aspect of life.

As the communities that are often being part of the victims of the ‘surrounding’, youth are often exposed to the negative elements that could spoil the mind, lifestyle, culture, behaviour and their interaction with society.

Parental abuse and neglect is not a modern phenomenon, but concerted efforts to deal with the problem did not begin until -parental abuse of Mary Ellen Wilson in NY Battered child syndrome is the non-accidental physical injury of children by their parents or guardians.

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