Present status growth and impact of

April 2, The Future of World Religions: Over the next four decades, Christians will remain the largest religious group, but Islam will grow faster than any other major religion.

Present status growth and impact of

Tax Cuts and Economic Growth Exaggerated claims for the economic growth benefits of large tax cuts have been around since the emergence of supply-side economics in the late s and persist to this day.

Compare, for example, changes in employment and economic growth following the Bush tax cuts of with those following the Clinton tax increases on high-income taxpayers inwhich supply-siders were certain would lead to slower growth and large job losses see Figure 2.

Small business job-creation was also more robust under Clinton.

Present status growth and impact of

After the Bush tax cuts for the very highest-income households expired at the end ofthe economy continued to grow and add jobs steadily. Careful economic research reinforces that conclusion. They are likely to hurt growth if they increase deficits or are paired with cuts to investments that help working families and the economy.

CBO, which aims to provide objective, impartial, and non-partisan analysis reflecting expert opinion, finds that even tax cuts that increase incentives to work, save, and invest with potentially positive effects on growth are a net drag on growth if they increase the budget deficit.

Financing tax cuts for the rich by cutting productive public investments that help support growth, such as education, research, and infrastructure, are also harmful. Finally, a growing body of research suggests that investments in children in low-income families not only reduce poverty and hardship in the near term, but can have long-lasting positive effects on their health, education, and earnings as adults.

The Tax Foundation, to whose analysis supply-siders gravitate, is an outlier with respect to dynamic scoring. About half of pass-through income flows to the top 1 percent of households, while only about 27 percent goes to the bottom 90 percent of households.

This would produce a substantial loss in revenue, while providing no benefit to the vast majority of small businesses, whose tax rate would be unaffected see Figure 3. They include hedge fund managers, consultants, and investment managers, who are among the pass-through business owners currently in the Sam Brownback exempted pass-through income from all state income taxes as part of his aggressive supply-side tax cutting in Two bond rating agencies have downgraded the state due to its budget problems.

The Kansas legislature recently passed bipartisan legislation to close the loophole, although Gov. Brownback vetoed the bill. In broad strokes, well-designed tax reform could spur growth by eliminating or scaling back inefficient tax subsidies and raising additional revenues to invest in national priorities and reduce deficits.

At a minimum, it must not lose revenues. This research shows that the age of a business matters more than its size as a contributor to job growth, although new companies are typically small to start with. Every year there is huge turnover in the population of small businesses as firms fail or go out of business and new firms start up.

To quote one of the pioneers in this research: But a small fraction of surviving young businesses contribute enormously to job growth. A challenge of modern economies is having an environment that allows such dynamic, high-growth businesses to succeed.

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Chairman Brat, Ranking Member Evans, and other members of the Committee, thank you for this opportunity to testify today about the causes of economic growth, the benefits associated with economic growth, and current limits on economic growth in the United States.

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