Questions about unity in diversity

What are the two passes situated in the north-western mountains of India,state its importance? Khyber and Gomal are the two passes located in the north-western part of India now in Pakistan. While India remained isolated due to the mountains it was through the mountain passes that foreign aggressors invaded India.

Questions about unity in diversity

In a Summer Showers Discourse inSwami explains: The same seed develops into the trunk, the branches, the twigs, the leaves, the flowers and the fruits of a tree with distinct forms and names and displaying different qualities. Similarly, the same gold takes the form of various jewels and one flame brings into being an infinite number of flames of several hues.

It is essential that we discern this unity in diversity. Insistence of other deities C. Prayers of devotees D. No two human beings, not even twins, are identical. But diversity should not lead to differences and conflicts.

Questions about unity in diversity

We must learn to see the unity that underlies the diversity. This unity is based on the divinity that is present in everything in the universe. The realization of this unity can come, only through firm faith in God.

Positive or negative behaviour B. A wide or narrow outlook C. Good or evil thoughts and tendencies D. Liberation or Re-birth In a Divine Discourse delivered inSwami expounds on what happens when we fill our vision with love: When you fill your vision with love, the whole creation will appear divine to you.

The cosmos appears to you as a manifestation of diversity, but in reality there is no diversity. No one makes any effort to discover the unity that underlies the diversity. How is this to be comprehended? Dreams in sleep C. Names and Forms D. Chasing after desires Dear Reader, did you like this quiz?Unity brings purity, and purity in turn leads to divinity.

Therefore, always remember the inseparable relationship between unity, purity, and divinity and strive to achieve that.-Baba. Here is a quiz on this salient theme “Unity in Diversity”. All the questions have been sourced from Bhagavan’s divine discourses delivered over decades.

Diversity itself is revered rather than the One who created that diversity. An emphasis on diversity tends to highlight our differences. God is more concerned with unity (Ephesians ).

unity and diversity in the local church Paul exhorts his Ephesian readers to be forbearing with one another in love, “eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace” (). For members of a local congregation to live in harmony one with another calls for more than human resources.

50 frequently asked questions on Unity in Diversity in India Raghudev Advertisements. The unity in diversity means we shall understand the diversity and corporate each other and reap the rewards. For an example, we have much closer world today and expanding our business with other countries and increasing the knowledge and exchange it and reaping the rewards for the both sides of the countries.

20 Questions About Unity.

Questions about unity in diversity

"Twenty Questions and Answers About Unity," published by the Association of Unity Churches. 1. What is Unity? and others within Unity to honor the strength of diversity within their spiritual communities. It is with love and in celebration of our unity, in the midst of our wondrous diversity, that we affirm.

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