Starmedia network essay

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Starmedia network essay

Impressed by her energy and look, Schneider hired her and, after working with her on three episodes, called Nickelodeon to say, "I've got your next star. In the meantime, Disney ChannelNickelodeon's main competitor, had experienced Starmedia network essay success with franchises like Hannah Montana and High School Musicalwhich featured original songs and generated revenue through music as well as television.

Seeking to "follow where the kids are", Nickelodeon executives asked Schneider to create a music-based show for the channel. Big Time Rush 's first episode premiered two months earlier, but its original pilot premiered in While discussing possible concepts for the series during the meeting, Justice mentioned that she had attended a performing arts middle school.

The idea intrigued Schneider, who recognized the appeal of a series concerning fame. She noted that Schneider's iCarly, a sitcom about a girl who hosts a popular web showwas spurred by the rise of YouTube celebrities and has become a successful series for Nickelodeon.

StarMedia Network | Essay Example

Season 1 of Victorious began filming on October 5,and ended on April 14,with 20 episodes produced. Victoria Justice told M Magazine in August that "We will not be expecting a fourth season, this is the first time I've talked about it. I just found out a couple of days ago that we're not coming back.

It's sad because I've been with Nickelodeon since I was 12 years old and I became a family with my Victorious cast. We spent a lot of time together and bonded for sure — I'll look back on the experience very fondly. It's a little shocking and a little bittersweet, but at the end of the day it might not be such a bad thing — we all want to do our own thing and continue to grow.

She also co-starred with Avan Jogia, who portrays Beck, in the Nickelodeon television film Spectacular! Grow Up, Timmy Turner! But in a child's life on a set, we do take that seriously. At our studios on Sunset Boulevard, where we shoot iCarly and Victorious, the greenrooms are filled with games and Rock Band.

We create an environment where they can have fun with their colleagues and take it easy. The lunch area of Hollywood Arts depicts the back area of Nickelodeon on Sunsetwith a parking lot next to the back area.

Starmedia network essay

Variety magazine reviewer Brian Lowry wrote, "Victorious has been cobbled together with the wooden-headed market in mind. Perigard of the Boston Herald titled his review "Victorious is a big loser" and writes, "The bulk of the cast mugs for the cameras, probably to compensate for a script that could have been commissioned from fifth-graders.

Hinkley comments, "At this point, Justice is better at singing than acting, and the show doesn't flow as smoothly as iCarly, but Justice has the personality and talent needed for a shot at being 'the Next Big Teen Thing'".

The series' premiere did well among viewers. The first episode, advertised as a "sneak preview" of the series, aired after the Kids' Choice Awards on March 27,to 5.

Starmedia network essay

Its second episode was advertised as the series' official premiere and drew a low 3. In JuneWalmart announced an exclusive-to-Walmart product line for the show; including over products, such as apparel, accessories, lunch boxes, T-shirts, soundtrack CDs, DVDs, etc.

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