Swot analysis on indian energy sector

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Swot analysis on indian energy sector

They might also seek cooperation from government agencies and especially from NGOs if there are any in the area to help establish FOs and support them in achieving success.

Does the community have a farmer organization? If not, is there a need for such an organization? If the community has an FO, what is its structure and history of performance. How could the FO play a role in village or community development? VEWs can canvass for ideas from the community and add their own ideas on the need for and the role of FOs in the entire process of broad-based agricultural development.

They can explain how FOs in other communities helped them in development. It is important to provide facts and figures to convince potential leaders of the possibilities and approaches for increasing the income of a sizeable number of farmers and for contributing to the economic development of the region.

Recruitment & S..

Good FO leaders might also receive political advantages through satisfied farmers and people living in the region.

The leaders' support should be secured and key people encouraged to consult among themselves about the pros and cons of forming FOs in the community. Steps in Developing an Organizational Structure. The core group leaders' main goal is to understand the appropriate organizational structure, composition, and working rules for the efficient management of their farmer organization.

Leaders should secure the relevant guidelines of other FOs and study them carefully. An FO can be initiated by the government or by farmers and the community.

Impact of Recession on Insurance Industry

If it is government initiated, the leaders should obtain copies of guidelines and rules. If it is community initiated, they should talk to other FOs and get their guidelines and constitution.

The core group should study them carefully and discuss how they can fit into their community needs. Leaders should then draw up a tentative organizational structure and working rules for their farmer organization.

They should consider various models or types of organizations that serve their special needs for agricultural development and discuss them with other experienced leaders from that village or neighbouring villages. The structure should serve the functions.

Are subgroups needed to achieve each task? VEWs can help enthusiastic local leaders to call for community meetings. Sometimes more than one meeting may be needed to discuss the need for and the role of FOs in agricultural development. FO leaders from neighbouring villages can be invited to speak at these meetings.

Farmer-to-farmer information exchange helps them. Sometimes smaller meetings can be held for low-resource small and marginal farmers and minority groups. They may prefer having a separate FO to serve their specific needs.

There is no harm in having more than one FO in a village. It is important that producers from all sectors in the village participate in these meetings because the success of an enterprise-based FO depends on the volume of raw material procured from member producers.

Every small or big producer contributes to this volume. The volume itself is more important than the socioeconomic status of the supplier. Prospective members need to be convinced that everyone benefits in proportion to his or her contributions, not just the big farmers, as is widely perceived.

Nominating Core Group Leaders to Develop or Establish the FO From the community meetings, core group leaders are elected or nominated to design the FO with further community consultation.

In some cultures, however, this approach may lead to the appointment of leaders who are unable to cope with the complexities of a farmer organization, as mentioned in step 2.

The energy sector: A SWOT analysis

If leaders are elected or nominated, VEWs should consider the issues raised in step 2 when assessing each candidate for election or nomination. In situations where it is more appropriate to appoint a leader, the search for a suitable person is critical and requires time and patience.

It is also critical that the selected leader be involved in the search for a potential agro-based enterprise to act as a BASE basic activity sustaining the enterprise for economic development. This process requires time, patience, and interactive and intellectual inputs.

Developing an Organizational Structure for the FO The VEW can help the core group of leaders in developing an organizational structure for their farmer organization. In the past, the "blueprint" approach was taken without understanding the function that the FOs structure plays in its performance.

Group discussions help to highlight the need for careful planning. See Box 2 for details.

Swot analysis on indian energy sector

The structure should serve the organization's functions and goals. Understanding various types of FOs is useful.SWOT Analysis on Power Generation Industries by Pawan21 in Presentations & Spreadsheets.

SWOT Analysis on Power Generation Industries. Explore. Explore Scribd Bestsellers. Indian Energy Sector – An Overview World Energy Consumption (MTOE) Energy Mix (%) Coal Oil Natural gas Nuclear Hydro Oil & Gas Imports (MTOE) Growth 5/5(4). Chapter 21 - Establishing and strengthening farmer organizations.

Swot analysis on indian energy sector

Shankariah Chamala and P. M. Shingi. Shankariah Chamala. is an Associate Professor of agricultural extension and management in the Department of Agriculture, The University of Queensland, St. Lucia, Australia.. P. M. Shingi is a Professor in the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India.

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