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However, we do not have to restrict ourselves to arcane scholarly debates in order to analyze the ritual aspects of conflict transformationas they can also be discussed from a practical and intuitive perspective.

The semai essay

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Summary of "The Third Side: Ury begins his introduction by saying "No more important challenge faces us today than how to deal with our differences. The first section responds to the assumption that "there is no other way" by providing an alternative to violence which he calls "the third side".

According to Ury, the third side is " Having provided an alternative to violence, in the second part of the book Ury turns his attention to the assumed inevitability of violence. While many people believe that violence is in "human nature," Ury argues that this assumption is an "origin myth" of contemporary Western society.

As the resource base became "fixed," the "basic logic of conflict" is thought to have shifted from "win-win" to "win-lose" where one person's gain is another person's loss. This shift in logic is thought to have encouraged violent coercion, but the resource base is again shifting to an expandable resource information and thus the "basic logic of conflict" can shift back to "win-win".

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Thus, Ury views violent coercion not as inevitable, but as a socially-constructed norm. In the third part of this book Ury addresses the question of "what can be done" to prevent violent conflict by identifying " People can prevent conflicts from happening in the first place by addressing latent tensions.

Without a doubt, the Semai are physically capable of aggression, but a possible explanation of why such a behavior have not manifested prior to Western influence is that there were no environmental factors which triggered it. The fierce and warlike Yanomamo, the peace-loving Semai of Malaysia, the achievement-oriented and cooperative Japanese, and the achievement-oriented Related Documents The Many Components of Printing Essay. this study by Chung in - LUMES.

When conflicts do arise, they can be resolved before they escalate. When escalating power struggles temporarily escape resolution, they can be contained to prevent violent expressions of frustration.

Within each of these "opportunities" Ury identifies "practical roles" individuals can embody to help stop violent coercion. Within the prevention opportunity, one can be a "provider" to help meet frustrated needs, a teacher to address poor skills and a bridge Builder to strengthen weak relationships.

Within the containment opportunity, one can be a witness to address a lack of attention, a "referee" to address the lack of limitations or a peacekeeper to address a lack of protections.

In order to achieve this "triple win," individuals can practice ten distinct roles in their attempts to prevent, resolve or contain a conflict. New to the site?Below is an essay on "The Semai" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The Semai a Peaceful Society The Semai people are semisedentary who that lives in the center of Malaysia Peninsula in Southeast Asia. Ethnics Of Orang Asli Theology Religion Essay.

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The Malay Island had been. Ritualization is a common feature of peacemaking in numerous societies including the Semai [9], North Americans, Arusha, and Ndenduli [10], Native Hawaiians [11] and Lebanese [12]. The above discussion may lead some readers to think that the use of rituals in peacemaking is limited to exotic, non-Western societies; however, this is not true.

The semai essay

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Conclusion. View Essay - Week 5 Semai Essay from ANT at Ashford University. The Semai 1 The Semai Way of Life Introduction to Cultural Anthropology: ANT September 12th, The Semai Way of.

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