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Too bad

October 15 They came into the final race leading the championship by 6 points without having won a single race all season. Consistency is the key! The 3 qualified P2, just missing pole by 0. The 4 qualified 8th. Antonio got the car back to the garage and the team went to work and got the car back out on track in about 5 minutes.

Astonishing work by the veteran team. With about an hour to go in the race it wasn't looking good with the 67 leading the race. But with the final pit stops the 4 corvette was able to leapfrog the Ford and go into 2nd place.

Too bad

The Ford couldn't regain it's position and quickly started falling back positions. The 4 went on to finish 2nd and ultimately saved the championship for their teammates. A lot of people doubted the performance of the "old" C7.

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R, but Corvette Racing proved that even on it's way out the door it can still win championships. Corvette will be staying at Road Atlanta for Michelin tire testing this week, most probably with the new mid-engine C8.

Although not confirmed, this may have been the last time we see the C7. R compete in North America. We expect the next gen race car to be unveiled along side the new mid-engine Corvette within a few months during this autoshow season.

They prepared a race car that delivered consistent performance and that great combination of power, durability and efficiency. But pitwork ultimately proved to play a huge role.

That was only half the story, however. R after a crash with Garcia at the wheel following a pit stop with less than three hours to go. R in the race and in the championship hunt. At that point, the focus turned to the No. From Lap 1, I went in the lead and every time I was in the car I was going for it instead of holding position.

It probably went from one of my best races of my career to the most embarrassing moment of my career. But that means Team Chevy and Corvette Racing did all the prep work before this race and allowed us to come back from that.

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Thank you to the 4 car for keeping the pressure up on the 67 car, which had to go for the win for the championship result. Such a massive team effort to make this happen. We had a good car and were going to be right there in the mix and the pit exit stuff happened and put everything on its head.

It looked like we were out of it, trying to figure out how to still make it happen.

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I think what really did it was the 4 car got sent super aggressively and changed the balance of things. Obviously the 4 car went for the win but they knew why they were doing it.

It turned things in our favor. The strategy, the way the guys worked together was just amazing. It was just exceptional. Everybody had such great team spirit, team harmony and everybody was pulling for that championship.

Too bad

The car was really good all race long. Pit stops, strategy, Olly and Marcel did great jobs in the car. What it came down to today was I think we had the car to win, we had the pace to win, but right toward the end I got stuck behind the Ford and I lost seconds on the Porsche. A little unfortunate, but I wanted to be careful and not have any contact or interference with the Porsche on my part.

In any case, everyone in the class did an awesome job. In the race we were fifth, then eighth, then sixth, and all over the place.

Really impressive driving by everyone. I really wanted to win today but we can be happy with second place, and third in the championship was a bit of a stretch for us coming in. Good race today from all the guys on the 4 car to give us super pit stops and strategy.Aug 01,  · A Few More Bad Apples: As The Climate Changes, Fruit Growing Does, Too: The Salt Apple growing is a ruthless business obsessed with good looks.

Higher temperatures affect every part of of the. RSS By: Dan Hueber. The Hueber Report is a grain marketing advisory service and brokerage firm that places the highest importance on risk management and profitable farming.

Jan 02,  · Accordingly, hospitals kowtow to Press Ganey. In November nearly 2, administrators spent $1, or more each to attend Press Ganey's glittery client conference--a .

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The central bank is the worst thing to ever happen to America! Now we have to pay for three homes just to get one. America is in deep trouble!

" The central bank is an institution of the most deadly hostility existing against the Principles and form of our Constitution. I am an Enemy to all banks discounting bills or notes for anything but Coin.

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