Writing assignments drama class lesson

Students use a Venn diagram See Character Comparison activity above.

Writing assignments drama class lesson

Students use a Venn diagram See Character Comparison activity above. How are the two settings alike? Students appeal to their classmates stomachs by making an edible book report! They will locate a recipe for a food dish that plays a role in a book or one that represents the setting of the book.

When they share the food with their classmates, students will explain how the dish relates to the book read. After reading the book, students write a brief explanation of the book as it actually is.

For additional details that flesh out this book report idea, see The Psychic Book Report. Videotape Book Report Students create a "commercial" for a book they read. Set up a video camera in the back of the classroom, provide brief instruction on how to use it Post a sheet of simple instructions for reinforcement.

In the first 30 seconds of the commercial, students should tell what is good about the book. The next 2 minutes will feature the student reading a favorite passage from the book -- a passage that might motivate others to want to read the book.

Reporting "Live from the Scene Students write a script presenting one of the major events in a book as a real event. Have them create a simple background or use a local setting as the backdrop for a "Live at 11 news report.

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Student-reporters present their on-the-scene reports in front of the video camera. Share a Book Report. Students share book reports with students in the same grade in a neighboring school writing assignments drama class lesson school district. Pair up with another class in the community and encourage students to share book reports throughout the year.

Plan to have students read some of the same books and some different ones. It would be nice if one or two of the book reports students shared during the course of the year were video book reports -- so students could get to know one another better. Better yet, arrange for a meeting of the students for the purpose of book sharing either as a culminating event at the end of the year, or both at the start and end of the school year.

Book Report Recipe Students write a "recipe" for a good book. Provide students with a "recipe card format for their book reports. Then have students select a character from the book read.

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As they read the character traits of the birth signs, they should consider under which sign the selected character was born. Their book report will explain why they came to that conclusion. Five-Dollar-Words Book Report Students learn about tools that can help them improve their writing and, therefore, make a more powerful statement about the book they just read.

This activity combines the book report with an exercise using a dictionary or thesaurus. Students start by writing a paragraph to describe why they liked or did not like about the book read.

Before they hand in the brief book critique, however, they take one final look to be sure they have used the best words to describe the book.

Challenge students to use a dictionary or thesaurus to find in their critique five "cent words small, unexpressive words and replace those words with "5-dollar words words that convey their thoughts more specifically, descriptively, or dramatically.

Test Time Students create a quiz to check their peers comprehension of a particular book. The quiz should include fill-in-the-blank, true or false, or multiple-choice questions.

Correct the student-created quizzes and keep a file of the quizzes. Each time a student completes a book, he or she can take a quiz created by a peer! Mapping a Book Students create a map highlighting places described in the story.

Many of the maps features should be based on information provided by the books author. The map might show the immediate neighborhood or community in which the book takes place; if the author offers ample description of the home or another place as the central setting for the book, then the students maps might detail that place.

In most cases, the completed maps will involve some conjecture on the part of the mapmaker. The student will explain his or her reasoning in writing or orally.

Adjective-ly Speaking Students focus their attention on the authors descriptive writing talents and learn more about adjectives.

writing assignments drama class lesson

The activity will drive home that good writing -- their own included -- benefits from excellent descriptions. Once Upon a Timeline Students create a timeline showing a chain of important events from a book read. Trading Spaces Students answer the question, Would you want to trade places with a character in the book?

Explain that their essays must provide solid information supporting their responses to the question. The information they use will help demonstrate how closely they read the book.I have been on hiatus from doing out-of-state teacher trainings recently for two reasons: 1) I'm writng a book on teaching writing, and 2) I'm preparing to retire from the classroom at .

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